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Asked Questions

You've got questions! We've got answers. Mosey on down the page for more details. Or if you don't find what you're looking for reach out! Someone else may be wondering too. 

Should I be a Member or Sponsor?

There is no one size fits all option. Both sponsorships and memberships have been tiered with our community in mind. You are welcome to select a Harvest or Bumper Crop sponsorship which includes a membership with purchase. Or you can add a membership to the lower-level sponsorship levels. The choice is yours! Sponsorships provide the opportunity to advertise your business through a variety of means which may include: 

-Events such as Semi-Annual Farm Crawls, Network Meetings, and Workshops

-Printed Material and our Shop Local Guide

-Logo coverage on Swag Bags & FCH T-Shirts

-Promotional Items featured in the Farm Crawl Swag Bags

-Social Media and Digital Promotions 

And so much more! For a detailed comparative list of our Sponsorship levels click here. 

What is the difference between the June 2023 Farm Crawl Sponsorships (Seed, Sow, Harvest) and the 2023 Annual Sponsorship (Bumper Crop)?

The June 2023 Sponsorships are available for farms/homesteads/businesses to support the June 17th 2023 Farm Crawl Event. Those who sponsor will be promoted beginning the week of purchase through the month of June per the sponsorship level selected. Our 2023 Annual Sponsorship (Bumper Corp) runs through the 2023 calendar year. Your Bumper Crop Sponsorship includes the June 17th and September 23rd Sponsorship in addition to promotions at all workshops, networking meetings, and print/digital media. The 2023 Annual Bumper Crop Sponsorship can be paid monthly or in one upfront payment. Those who wish to pay the full amount upfront will receive a $200.00 discount on their 2023 Annual Sponsorship.

What if I want to sponsor both Farm Crawls but can’t Commit to a Bumper Crop Sponsorship? Can I sign up more than once as a Seed, Sow, or Harvest Sponsor? 

Yes. We welcome return sponsors for both Farm Crawl events! We have staggered the Sponsorship levels to encourage participation at every level and to meet our community where they are.

How will my sponsorship of Frederick County Homesteaders (FCH) benefit the local community?

Your sponsorship will support community events, educational opportunities, and our shop local guide by connecting families to farmers and small business owners around Frederick County. 

Examples of educational opportunities include, but are not limited to: 

Intro to Rotational Grazing: Which in turn benefits the overall health of Frederick County’s livestock as a whole and will assist in preserving what agricultural land is still being utilized in our county. 

Bread/Butter Making: Our goal is to equip our community with the skills our ancestors had. What was a common skill has been lost, and we are passionate about helping others get back to those roots. 

Real Estate 101- Homestead Addition: It’s no secret that homesteading is on the rise as more & more individuals realize they would like to have a deeper sense of connection with the food they’re consuming. Step one of starting is having the skills to select the right property.

What is the Shop Local Guide & Map?

The Shop Local Guide furthers our mission to connect farms and businesses to local Frederick County area families by helping them identify nearby resources that will meet their needs. This is accomplished through the Shop Local Map (showing you exactly where our farmers are located within the county & their operating hours) and Directory included within the guide featuring local spotlights that will help you get to know your farmers and small business owners.

How will my business be featured in the Shop Local Guide?  

Depending on the level of sponsorship selected the name of your business may be listed in the Shop Local Guide as:

-A Directory Listing

-A Listed Sponsor 

-Event Listings

-Logo Placement in the Guide

-Featured or Spotlighted by Category/Service Type

How can I use my Farm Crawl tickets as a sponsor if I plan to participate as a host farm?

You may use them for the 2023 September Farm Crawl or as a promotional giveaway on your business page.  

What type of social media promotions can I expect as part of my sponsorship?

Your business will be promoted through our various social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & email marketing) beginning the week sponsorship is purchased through the June 2023 Farm Crawl. Sponsorship level will determine the quantity and duration of social media promotions through FCH. Semi Annual sponsors (those who sponsor both the June and September Farm Crawls) will be promoted either:

  1. One month in advance of the June farm crawl - the week after our September farm crawl. 

  2. Or beginning the week they sign up for sponsorship until the week after the September farm crawl.

The length of promotion will be determined by the timeframe in which the individual first signs up as a sponsor with FCH. Please provide a copy of your logo and any promotional copy or pre designed ads to

Harvest and Bumper Crop level Sponsorship please include photos or additional content that may be included in the Shop Local Guide Category Features/Spotlights or additional online/social media promotions. 

What are membership meetings and who can participate?

Membership meetings will offer educational resources that will inform and empower homesteaders and farmers to better manage their operations. Small businesses and local families are also encouraged to attend meetings where they can get to know their local farmers!


Our first meeting will be held Monday, July 12th.

Meetings will benefit all members and provide an opportunity to engage with like minded folks from around the community. Both the seasoned homesteader and first time gardener will leave meetings equipped with knowledge, resources, and new connections from our area.

How will my business be promoted at membership meetings and workshop events?

Bumper Crop sponsors will be promoted through print and digital signage (as well as highlighted in opening announcements). This will also include social media and newsletter promotion prior to workshop events. Sponsors will be listed in workshop packets made available to attendees. 

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